Centrisart® G-26C Micro-Centrifuge

Производитель: Sartorius
Модель: Centrisart® G-26C Micro-Centrifuge
Наличие: Нет в наличии

The high-speed refrigerated Centrisart® G-26C achieves a gravitational field of up to 62,000 g, reaching a level of ultracentrifuge that is one of a kind, making it ideally suited for high speed applications. The low profile and damping system lets the centrifuge fit on every laboratory benchtop and permits operation to be quite, simple and comfortable. Centrisart® G-26C comes with different rotor options to accommodate almost all vessel types, which can be used for low to high throughput, as well as applications in molecular biology or cell culture.

  • Ultra-high speed

  • Quiet and compact

  • Flexible range of applications

  • Refrigerated, powerful cooling

  • Volume: 6 × 85 ml

  • Capacity: 510 ml

  • Temperature increments: Adjustable in increments of 1° C

  • Coolant: CFC-free (R404a)

  • Motor: Maintenance-free, brushless drive motor

  • Lid-lock release: Motorized locked lid, automatic lid-lock release

  • Signal: Acoustic signal, can be switched off, configurable signal length

  • Rotor Chamber: Stainless Steel

  • Imbalance safety mechanism: Automated imbalance control

  • Rotor Safety: Automatic detection, cycle counting of the rotors

Вес 100 kg
Панель управления Easy, 1-button intuitive operation
напряжение 220 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz
Максимальная производительность 6 x 85 ml
Температурный интервал - 20 – +40 °C
Дисплей Concise display, backlit keys
Охлаждение False

Technical attribute

Габариты (Ширина x Глубина x Высота) 570 × 616 × 460 mm
Потребление энергии 1,350 W
Минимальная эффективная скорость 100 RPM
Максимальная скорость 26,000 RPM
Максимальное гравитационное поле 61,973 × g
Высота с открытой крышкой 890 mm
Тип ротора Rotor detection for fixed angle rotors, swinging rotors
Программы 60
Lid Inspection window for independent speed measurement, easy-to-open lid port
Уровень шума при максимальной скорости (прибл.) < 63 dB
Таймер 10 sec. – 99 min., short run & continuous run
Линии замедления 10, linear, quadratic, user-definable
График ускорения 10, linear, quadratic, user-definable

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