H2 generator

Производитель: F-DGSi
Модель: H2 generator
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F-DGSi offers solutions to the world Helium shortage with its 
High Purity H2 generator Series WM-H2 to be used for 
GC and GCMS carrier gas

The benefits of using hydrogen as a GC carrier gas are proven: faster analysis, greater resolution and longer column life. In addition with the price of non-renewable helium increasing at a rapid rate, hydrogen is now also considered to be the cost effective option.

The F-DGSi Hydrogen generators use the latest polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) technology to produce high purity hydrogen

The F-DGSi H2 generator series WM-H2 produces ultra-high purity gas> 99,99999%, with flows up to 1200 cc/min, unlike cylinder gases often vary in purity level: no guarantee that dirty or rusted cylinders will not contaminate the gas source. The exclusive ‘No Maintenance’ gas column dryer regeneration system allow to achieve this level of purity and eliminates as well all down time for maintenance, that is typical of other systems on the market.

This high purity H2 generator series WM-H2 is recommended to be used for GC as carrier gas for detection down to trace levels and also for GCMS.

The other Hydrogen generators series LC-H2 and ND-H2, use a desiccant drier:  these generators will produce gas with a purity of 99.9995% and are suitable for flame gas or as carrier gas were a lower level of detection is required. These models are available in output flows of 120, 140, 180, 260, 400, 500 cc/min

The system's internal self-diagnostic features, high visibility lighted display, internal/external leak detection and all the intelligent remote control and safety alarm capabilities increase lab safety and productivity.

The exclusive cascading option allows up to 10 units to be connected in series, producing flow rates up to 10 litres.

This feature gives the capacity to supply H2 simultaneously to multiple GC and GCMS units.

The exclusive high pressure: the Hydrogen generator is able to give an outlet pressure up to 12 and 16 bar as an option. This unique feature avoids any pressure drop when using long pipe line and opens a wide range of new applications like: the filling of canisters for operating portable GC or mobile systems. The modular generator design allows it to be used individually or coupled to any one of the Zero air generators to form an all-in-one FID Gas Station solution for GC combustion detector applications. 

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