Agilent 2020 Virtual Omics Symposium

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Agilent 2020 Virtual Omics Symposium

24.11.2020. - 25.11.2020.
Online event

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear about latest research from leaders in metabolomics and gain further insights in how to use Agilent’s Metabolomics Solutions at its best.In this 2-day virtual symposium, you will hear from the below-thought leaders in Metabolomics on Day 1 and from Agilent application experts on Omics-Workflows in Life Science, Food & Environmental applications on Day 2

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 Coral Barbas, Universidad Ceu-Sab Pablo CEMBIO), Spain
▪ Nicola Zamboni, IMSB, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
▪ Karl Burgess, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
▪ Michael Zimmermann, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
▪ Michael Witting, Helmholtz Centre Munich, Germany 
▪ Mª Fernanda Rey-Stolle Valcarce, Universidad Ceu-Sab Pablo (CEMBIO), Spain
▪ Gerald Larrouy Maumus, Imperial College, United Kingdom
▪ Luigi Lucini, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy
▪ Sonia Dagnino, Imperial College, United Kingdom
▪ Shi-Fen Xu, Agilent Technologies, China
▪ We hope this will allow you to stay connected to the Omics community at a time when travel restrictions make physical meetings impossible.

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