Welcome to 2021 Virtual Food Safety Analysis Symposium

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Welcome to 2021 Virtual Food Safety Analysis Symposium

Whether you are interested in emerging research or regulatory developments, this virtual symposium will give you access to the latest analytical methodologies in solving today’s ever-growing food safety challenges.

Unlike traditional scientific meetings, the 2021 Virtual Food Safety Symposium allows you access to all the scientific content and supporting resources from the comfort of your laboratory or office.
You will be able to choose from the topics and listen to those of your interest. Topics include:

▪ PCBs in meat products

▪ Veterinary drugs in meat and fish

 Latest multi-target pesticide quantitation workflows

▪ Optimized polar pesticide analysis

▪ PFAS analysis

▪ Food contact material contaminants

▪ Sample preparation and matrix removal strategies

▪ Mycotoxin analysis

▪ 3-MCPD and Glycidyl Fatty Acid Esters

▪ Nanoparticle analysis in foods

▪ Heavy metals analysis

Register here  http://bit.ly/3pVhmhv


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