N2 generators

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N2 generators

for LCMS, MP-AES, GC and general applications

F-DGS I has taken huge steps to improve the functionality of its N2 generators. We have re-designed its core range of N2 gas generators and implement a series of unique features and end user benefits, making our N2 range, the most complete one and the best in the market.

Our Nitrogen gas generators are quieter, more efficient, technically advanced in terms of safeguards and offer the user more functionality in control than anything else on the market.

For LCMS applications, we can also offer both PSA and Membrane technology depending on the application and end user preference. The flow rate range allows single or multiple instruments to be supplied.

Our PSA MAESTRO LCMS series exists in 6 models with the option with or without built in air compressor:

- MAESTRO-35 LCMS series: with max. Output of 35 L/min of N2 gas

- MAESTRO-64 LCMS series: with max. Output of 64 L/min of N2 gas

- MAESTRO- DF LCMS series: The dual flow, specifically designed for the Agilent 6400 & 6500: to meet the drying, sheath, nebulisation and collision gas requirements. The generator provides two continuous streams of nitrogen from a single ‘plug & play’ unit.

- MAESTRO-25 LCMS series: with max. output of 25 L/min of N2 gas

- MAESTRO-15 LCMS series: with max. output of 15 L/min of N2 gas

- MAESTRO- TF LCMS series: the triple flow, specifically designed to supply Curtain, Source & Exhaust gases with dry air and nitrogen for AB Sciex LCMS instruments.

The THYSTER MP-AES dual flow generator has been specifically designed to meet the nitrogen and dry air needs to supply a Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer (MP-AES) of the Agilent range. It is complete plug and Play system.


N225 L/min at 65 psi, purity > 99.7% Air: 36.5 L/min at 87 psi separate in 3 ways for POP, EGCM and monochromatic gas 


N225 L/min at 65 psi, purity > 99.7% Air: 36.5 L/min at 87 psi separate in 2 ways for POP and EGCM optic purge

N2: 10L/min @99.95% at 65 psi to supply monochromatic gas

For GC application and general application, we employ PSA technology to deliver best in class life expectancy. An integrated oil-free compressor is optional, but all generators provide N2 at purities ranging from 98% to 99.9995%. Zero Nitrogen and Combine N2/AIR generators are available for more specific GC applications.

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