VacIon Plus 55

Производитель: Agilent Technologies
Модель: VacIon Plus 55
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Agilent's VacIon Plus pumps are available with Diode, Noble Diode, and StarCell elements for various nitrogen pumping speeds. Diode Vaclon Plus pumps are regularly used in general purpose ultra high vacuum (UHV) systems for evacuating electron devices, and in sensitive electron microscopes. Noble Diode Vaclon Plus pumps are used in UHV applications when a gas mixture is being pumped at constant pressure making it ideal to obtain UHV pressures in particle accelerators, synchrotron rings, and surface analysis applications. The StarCell s patented design makes this the only ion pump that handles high amounts of noble gases and hydrogen. It also provides the highest speed and capacity for methane, argon, and helium. The StarCell Vaclon Plus is ideal for applications requiring constant operation at 10-8 mbar or above.


  • Element cells are optimized to maximize discharge intensity and pumping speed

  • Ion pumps are shipped under vacuum

  • A wide range of pumping speeds (from 0.2 l/s to 1000 l/s) is available

  • Many pump body configurations are available

  • Interlocking feedthroughs provide easy connection, eliminate corrosion, and minimize overall pump size

  • Three different types of pumping elements are available for all possible gas mixtures

  • Special ceramic insulators provide long pump life

  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM) version available

Technical Specifications



Noble Diode


Nominal pumping speed for Nitrogen (*) (l/s)




Operating life at 1x10-6 mbar (hours)




Maximum starting pressure (mbar)

≤ 5x10-2

≤ 1x10-3

Ultimate pressure

Below 10-11

Inlet flange

4 1⁄2” CFF (NW 63) AISI 304 ESR SST

Maximum baking temperature (°C)


Weight, kg (Ibs)

18 (39)


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