280-DS Mechanical Qualification System

Производитель: Agilent Technologies
Модель: 280-DS Mechanical Qualification System
Наличие: Нет в наличии

280-DS Mechanical Qualification System

The Agilent 280-DS Mechanical Qualification System (MQS) revolutionizes dissolution qualification by measuring critical physical parameters of dissolution apparatus with unmatched unprecedented precision. Using Instrument and Vessel Modules and powered by the intuitive Agilent 280-DS Workstation Software, the 280-DS provides accurate, qualitative measurements by eliminating the guesswork of interpreting values obtained with individual manual gauges. Once positioned, the innovative sensing technology enables hands-free, non-contact measurements to be performed in seconds – a fraction of the time routinely associated with such readings.


  • Perform the qualification that meets your laboratory needs – the 280-DS supports enhanced Mechanical Qualification (MQ), as well as the Performance Verification Test (PVT)

  • Qualify any dissolution apparatus with an open-head design, including Agilent’s 708-DS and 709-DS

  • Obtain accurate and repeatable measurements with limited hands-on interaction using optical sensors and the 280-DS Workstation Software

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